10K Training Plan

Congratulations ! You are reading this means that you are either about to enter the wonderful world of running or already a part of it. Either ways, you are awesome.

10K is favorite running distance world over. Our plans are tailored based on where you stand today.

Some key terms used in the plan that you should know about:

1) Rest :Rest means just what it is Rest. It means doing nothing in particular and going through your usual day routine. Rest is very critical yet often ignored part of training plan. Rest allows your muscle to recover and every time that happens your muscles get stronger.

2) Run :Run means business. It means you are on the move, putting one step after another. The thumb rule about the running pace is that you should run a 'conversational pace'; which means you should be able to talk while running.

3) Run/Walk : This means you can do a mix of running and walking. Ideally, you run till you are tired and then switch to walking. Repeat this routine again.

4) Walk :Well, this is easy. It means you have to walk.

5) Cross : Cross means cross training. It is any aerobic activity other than running. It can be cycling, swiming, session in the gym etc. This is to give your muscle a different form of movement and break the potential boredom.

6) Strength : Strenght means strenght training. It means exercises designed to improve the flexibility and strenght of your key muscles. It could be acitivites like push-ups, pull-ups, planks, squats and any other form of Plyometric exercise. This clearly does not mean pumping irons in the gym.

7) Tempo Runs:A continuous run with an easy beginning, a buildup in the middle to near 10-K race pace, then ease back and cruise to the finish. A typical tempo run would begin with 5-10 minutes easy running, continue with 10-15 faster running, and finish with 5-10 minutes cooling down. You can't figure out your pace on a watch doing this workout; you need to listen to your body. Tempo runs are very useful for developing anaerobic threshold, essential for fast 5-K racing.

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