Know your Foot type

Running is enjoyed by millions of people around the world, because it’s considered as healthy activity for both physically and mentally.

All you need is a good pair of running shoes for a good start.

Type of Foot

People are born with a certain type of foot. Learning about foot types provides the necessary insight for choosing the right running shoes, and it’s very important for runners.

neutral flat high-arc
Normal Flat High-Arch


  • Measure your feet for shoes in the late afternoon or evening; since that's when your feet are the biggest (they swell during the day).
  • Simply wet your foot and place it on a brown sheet, or any flat surface which allows you to see your foot print, now compare the impression you leave with the three figures which are mentioned as Normal, Flat & High-arched foot.


Find your strike angle

How does your foot strike the ground?

It’s very important to know your strike angle to avoid injury. There are “3” types of strike angles. Most of the runners fall under Mid-foot strikers.