Let’s Start Running

Running is a very natural movement, if you use it in a proper form it allows you to become more efficient.


Increases your heart rate to get the blood pumping through the body, free your muscles, it releases energy and open up your joints, especially those within the hips, spine, feet and ankles.

Basic Training

Start with a walk and gradually mix walking with jogging, once you are comfortable with jogging then proceed with short run. Run using a mid-foot strike keep your upper body upright and relaxed, Look ahead and let your arms swing naturally.


As a beginner you might feel some aches and pains, avoid running too fast at the beginning. Breathe easy while you run and relax for some time if you’re feeling hard to run just maintain the slow tempo run for few days, this will help you in long run.


Once you’re done with the short runs with comfortable basic running skills then start working on long runs and let your body get used to it, Just be cool and make this as practices that before and after run do some slow jogging this will help your muscles get used to the activity.


Don't make every training session as a hard run to increase your speed. Keep most of your weekly training sessions easy, Alternate easy and long runs with speed interval workouts or tempo runs, and only do one or two of these harder runs per week to progress your speed.

If you really don’t feel like running for a day or 2, its ok just that probably your body needs rest.