Running as a form of sports and exercise has very particular nutritional requirements for our body to get the best performance.

Below are few nutrition tips which will help you to improve your running and keep your body fit.


Most runners tend to be dehydrated, so it is very important that water consumption is essential for all the runners, but it’s even more essential for those runners who are going to sweat more. Thumb rule is to aim for at least two liters of water consumption per day which will keep your body fluid levels up and running. Fruit juices, herbal teas and sports drinks, can be counted as fluids which will help to keep your stamina and energy levels up. Try to get into the habit of drinking a pint of water when you first get out of your bed and then sip water throughout the day frequently.  Many healthy people keep a sports water bottle next to them while they are at work.

Vitamins & Minerals

Plays an important role in your running performance and endurance. Your extra energy requirements will also mean that you will need extra vitamins and minerals. Ideally, these should be provided from a healthy and well balanced diet of fresh foods, you will have sufficient energy to get through day-to-day activities.

Complex carbohydrates

It provides slow and steady energy. Complex carbohydrates such as whole grains, whole breads and vegetables. The ideal way for peak performance is to eat a meal rich in complex carbohydrates two to three hours prior to your run. After finishing your session it is a great idea to have a glucose drink within 15 minutes to replenish tired muscles looking for fuel. Eating a meal rich of complex carbohydrates will assist with muscle and tendon repair.


Proteins are essential for regulating hormones and muscle repairs. While you improve your running performance by extending your further distance you cover, the more repair work will be needed for your muscles. Your protein should be high quality and preferably lean, such as chicken, eggs, nuts, or fish. For those runners who do not have a weight problem, low fat protein will not be a concern.

Balanced meals

Ensure that you consume plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruit Juices are also an excellent and quick source of nutrition, Optimized running performances are dependent on consuming quality foods in a larger quantity, as well as careful timing of when you eat.

Glucose drinks

Are the best absorbed for muscles seeking fuel sources.