Types of Running

Base Run
A Base run is a relatively short to moderate-length at a runner’s natural pace. Base runs will make speed up your weekly training mileage.

Progression Run
A progression run will begins at a runner’s natural pace and ends with a faster segment, because it’s a medium-effort workout, the recovery time is less than more intense sessions.

Tempo Run
Tempo or threshold runs is to maintain the temp of your running and main function is to increase the speed that you can sustain for a prolonged period and to increase fast pace.

Long Run
The long run function is to increase raw endurance. As expected your longest run should be long enough to give you good confidence level that raw endurance will not limit you in races.

Road Running
Road running includes paved roads, paths and sidewalks. It is the most convenient type of running, just ware your shoes, step out and move on.

Trail Running
Trail running includes mixed hard/soft surfaces. It can series from a flat local park to challenging mountain environment.

Hill Repeats
Hill running improves your overall strength. It builds muscles strong and hip flexors. It also helps increase your speed since the motion of climbing hills enforces the high leg lifts. When you are running uphill just lean slightly forward.

Recovery Run
A recovery run is a relatively short run performed at an easy pace.